Online Resource Pages publishes information websites for the education sector

Further Pages and Higher Pages Further pages Higher pages and are specialist online directories designed to make it easier for staff to find and work with relevant suppliers which have worked with FE and HE, or have suitable products and services to offer.

The new websites are for senior managers, administrators, academics, teachers, technical and other staff Ė in short, anybody working in Further or Higher Education organizations who has ever needed to buy or order products and services in the course of their work Ė and of course, companies and organizations seeking to work with the Further and Higher Education sectors.

The websites were launched in December 2008.

Postgraduate Studentships

Online Resource Pages also publishes, our successful and established website providing potential postgraduate students with a targeted directory of funding opportunities from both general funding sources, and Universities. Since its launch in November 2006, the site has become so popular it attracts around 75,000 individual visits per month, and in May 2008 received over 101,000 visits.

To find out what the sites could do for you, please visit,, or contact us.